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Ready to paint some fun art toys?

One of a kind, hand made designer toy.
Choose one of two tail styles, Traditonal or Plume. $35 USD for a Pomodi figure.

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Choose from one of two tail styles. Original has a fluffy flourish. Cat has versatility Pomodi Beast - Primed White (Unpainted)

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New Product - Pomodi Beast

Painted and Primed Pomodi Beast Figures

An original design, this is a unique articulated figure that you can decorate or leave as is.

The Pomodi Beast line is a limited edition designer toy. These are made by hand, cast in resin, cleaned, shaped, and primed. Each awaiting your special touch.

What makes these figures unique are the six points of articulation. Each part can easily be separated from the body and painted and then posed. Allowing you to come up with a character with personally that is distinctly yours.

Pompdi Lego Lance Pomodi with a wig Three Pomodi Beast figures posed
About Pomodi

Each part is cast out of plastic resin, then shaped and smoothed by hand.  Magnets are painstakingly inserted to give each figure its distinct joints.  White primer coats it all to give you a unique canvas to work on, paint, and embellish.

  • Made in the USA.  No mass production or external labor of any sort.
  • 3 and 3/8 inches tall.
  • A do it yourself toy, it can be any color or species you want it to be.
  • Collectable DIY designer toy unlike any other.
  • The Pomodi can hold small objects and grip toy accessories intended for a 3mm fist hole.
  • Simple accessories can transform the personality of the figure.
  • Pose to express a range of moods.
  • Safety Notice. This product is intended for adults. Not a child's play toy.
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