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Unexpected Toy
Unexpected Toy is an online shop that sells handmade products. The goal of the shop if to provide uniquely different items for creativity and crafting. It was founded in 2009 by Michael S. Gibbons.

Michael Gibbons has a creative background of film, graphic design, and 3D design. He has been dabbling with rapid prototyping since 2000. His early collaborative work was published in 3D Artist Magazine (Issue 43) in 2001.

In July of 2008 he purchased a desktop prototyping mill and began work designing his own molds and designs based on 3D characters he had modeled.

The designs created are a mix of hand sculpted clay and digital technology. The results are unique designs for you to play with.
How to Purchase
Unexpected Toy is currently using PayPal as its method of money transfer.

Shipping is through the United States Postal Service.  Please use the contact form if you require other methods of shipping

Any personal information disclosed with Unexpected Toy will not be shared with anyone else.
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