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Painting Tips
Cup of Pomodi
  • Do not bake, microwave, or use a heat gun on the product.  
  • Have the urge to embellish your Pomodi with a clay medium?  Try air dry products such as paper clay.  
  • Krylon spray paint primers work well on the plastic resin.  Just use thin even coats.  
  • If you want to paint by hand try acrylic paint such as Folk Art or enamel paint such as Testors.  
  • If you want to spray paint try flat paint colors.  Krylon colors seem compatible with the primer.  
  • Once satisfied with the paint application try a thin coat of a clear sealant.  
  • If the sealed finish makes the joints slick, try a thin application of rubber cement in the socket.   Remove the limbs apply the rubber cement; wait for the rubber cement to cure before returning the limbs.
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